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Sunday Fun Day

Sundays at Rum Point or Starfish Point


Sail Time

2pm – Sunset
Sailing Sunday


Rum Point
Starfish Point


Adults: US $69
Children: US $29
(Kids 2 and under are free)


Sunday’s at Rum Point, or Starfish Point is a local tradition that dates way back. Enjoy the boat ride there and back, plus when there most people lay in the sun, or get off the boat and walk around in the shallows and talk to other boats and friends while enjoying a few drinks. It’s generally a party atmosphere, with other boats playing loud music and having a fun time.

Includes Snorkel Gear, Soft Drinks & Water. Coolers filled with Ice, Cups, mixers etc., You are welcome to bring your own drinks, including alcoholic drinks, our crew will put things on Ice for you, help you serve and mix etc. We do not offer any sort of liquor service at this time.

What To Bring

  • Sunscreen (Cream Only – Thanks.) 
    (Aerosol sunscreen damages the boat & upholstery. No sun oils please, it makes deck dangerous)
  • Snorkel gear provided, but welcome to bring personal sets
  • Personal preference of snacks or food
  • Swimwear, 2 Towels & Hats
  • Sense of adventure and fun
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